Serie Optional accessories for DP Presses series

  • The rack of your mandrel press can be provided with an additional fitting bore to fix a corresponding (upper) tool for your applications.

    The tool-mounting bore is centrally placed at the underside of the ram, the joining tool can be secured by means of a threaded pin located laterally as to prevent falling out.

    The size of the possible tool-mounting bore depends on the diameter of the rack.

    More information can be found in the download area.

    • * Rectangular Table with T-slot (instead of the slotted disk) for clamping fixtures and tools.
  • Several rectangular tables with T-groove (DIN 650) for your mandrel press are available in place of the rotatable slotted disc. This is suitable for clamping devices and (sub) tools.

    The rectangular table is mounted in such way that the T-slot is centered to the rack.

    More information can be found in the download area.

  • It prevents torsional forces from appearing, while bending or / and joining operations in the built-in tools are performed, which are detrimental to an exact fit of the workpiece and on the other hand can damage the pinion shaft and the rack.

  • The Ageo-depth stop for your mandrel press (the DP, DP-R and DP-HR series) impresses by its solid construction and easy handling.

    It is basically used as a stroke limiter and is set in just a few steps to the desired level.

  • To support the return stroke of the rack a counterweight is attached through a rope guide and "gallows", which balances the weight of the rack and assists the operator in the positioning.

    The weight of the counterweight is selected in a such way that the operator requires only a small force to move the rack to the desired position. In addition, this will also ensure that the rack, when placing the hand lever in the cam, can not autonomously (without operator`s force) change its position.

    By fitting / dismantling a tool, a weight change enters and the rack moves automatically downwards. To avoid this, this weight change must be balanced by setting a "moving lock".

    We can offer you an additional enclosure of mechanical return stroke support .

  • Ageo mandrel presses with ratchet drive can be equipped with an additional rack locking device / ram locking device. (Note: Ageo mandrel press with hand lever or flywheel, due to the work safety, can not be equiped with ram locking device). This ensures that the rack can not move independently upwards when tilted back to the front lever of the handwheel. The locking of the rack, conditionally divided by the barrier function of the locking disc, is set in about 2.4 mm steps.

    We expressly point out that the position of the rack can slightly change, depending on the forces of the elastic deformation of the components, i.e. can yield or subside.

    Application examples:

        - Compressing spring elements,

        - Joining components by glueing or the like with constant pressure.

    The ratchet lever performs pressure movement. By moving the lever of the locking device on the hand wheel, the rack will be locked by means of blocking of a locking disc (ratchet) against the upward movement (expansion of 1mm is permitted).

    Before use, tools, fixtures and workpieces must be secured in such a way that while compression of spring elements or the like no uncontrolled movement can take place. When using the rack locking device, it must be ensured that no uncontrolled movements can occur that endanger people or equipment.

    The pressurization in the workpiece must not go beyond the allowable pressure capacity of the press. The information on the nameplate and the outline drawing of the AGEO press must be taken into account.

    Upon reaching the pressure or displacement, the ratchet lever must be returned to its original position (unlocked gear) before beginning work on the workpiece. After completion of the work on the workpiece it is to be secured against expansion.

    After securing the workpiece against expansion, the ratchet lever is again subjected to pressure, to relieve the rack locking device and then / simultaneously opened the lever for rack locking device.

    An expansion of 1 mm is permitted.

    Failure to observe the safety of the working field before the relieving of ram locking device can lead to a possibly serious injury of the operator and persons in the vicinity of the machine due to uncontrolled movements of the press ram, the handwheel and or the ratchet lever.

    Since AGEO Press GmbH does not know the circumstances of the use of ram locking device, the operating company and the operator of the press device are solely responsible for the security measures.