Mandrel press with ratchet

Art.:     DP1500R to DP6000RS
pressing power: from 15 kN to 60 kN
Max. height of installation: from 350 mm to 800 mm
depth of throat till the centre of ram: from 220 mm to 400 mm
Net weight: from 107 kg
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  • The drive with the ratchet lever supports the delicate dynamic application of the force in the workpiece by the operator. The ergonomics of the drive optimizes the work result and contributes to the ease of the workplace.

    The properties of the ratchet drive make it possible for the machine to assemble ball bearings, and - equipped with broaches - use for the production of grooves. The potential field of work for the machines is pressing and grouting of turn handles, bushings, bearings, bolts and pins.

    As support for the workpiece is set a rotatable slotted disc. It is removable and equipped with four different and fall through slits of various widths.

    As an optional accessory we offer tool receiving bores in the ram and backing plates for the inclusion of your individual tools. More information can be found under the heading "Special accessories".

    The Ageo arbor press type DP3000RT has a height-adjustable table, which is reliably supported by a strongly dimensioned threaded spindle. This type of press adjusts through a height-adjustable table to the possibly different workpieces at its best.

    The Ageo arbor press type DP6000RS is equipped with a double-up gear in order to generate pressure forces up to 60 kN.

  • DP1500R DP2000R DP3000R DP3000RS DP3000RT DP6000RS
    Pressing power (kN) 15 20 30 30 30 60
    Lever transmission (i) 1:28 1:28 1:38 1:38 1:38 1:133
    depth of throat till the center of ram (mm) a 220 250 250 400 238 400
    Max.Height Of Installation (mm) b 350 420 500 800 780 800
    Stroke of ram (mm) c 350 420 500 800 500 800
    Diameter of ram (mm) d 58 58 78 78 78 100
    Height of pressing body (mm) e 570 700 780 1140 1500 1600
    Slot width of the mounting plate (mm) f 20-46 35-80 35-80 35-80 35-80 35-80
    Net weight(kg) 107 155 185 380 410 552
    * Packing size and weight for seaworthy packaging upon request.
  • Special accessories:

    •  Base frame in solid design

    •  Tool-receiving bore in the ram, with retaining screw for tools, spikes etc.

    •  Rectangular table with T-slot (instead of the slotted disc) for mounting devices and tools.

    •  Distortion lock for the ram

    •  Adjustable depth Stopp

    •  Mechanical return stroke support

    •  Rack locking/ram locking

    Detailed information can be here.