Screw presses

Art.:      SP10/255 to SP28/510
pressing power: from 100 kN to 280 kN
stroke of ram: from 200 mm to 260 mm
width between columns : from 250 mm to 510 mm
Net weight: from 310 kg
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  • Our screw presses have the following equipment:

           •  with especially long ram guide,

           •  great tilting stability through adjustable circular guide bushings,

           •  are themselves a term for precision, robust design and ergonomic design,

           •  are the ideal presses for toolmaking.


    Screw presses are very versatile and are suitable due to their precise ram guidance for all existing cutting, bending, embossing, stamping and drawing work. Screw presses, due to their accuracy and long-term precision, are indispensable for pressing and spotting in of cutting, stamping, and embossing tools. Their ease of use allows the economical production of small series in materials of all kinds.

    The presses can be supplied with enlarged installation and lifting heights for drawing. The circular guide of the press ram can be adjusted within the required limits. The roundness of the guide bushes will pessist. The guide columns are induction hardened and ground; the multiple thread spindles are precision-machined in the thread flanks and made from best steel, the threaded bushings are made of wear-resistant gray cast iron, in case of heavy models they are made of bronze.

    Standard versions of AGEO screw presses:

           •  Base frame

           •  Locking mechanism for locking the ram when installing tools

           •  Clamping pivot in ram at the 4-Column presses, with the exception of the model SP 20/500

    Special version of AGEO screw presses:

    In addition to standard versions we can provide screw presses in different variations. We adapt the presses to your working conditions. A brief inquiry with your specific needs will be sufficient.

  • SP10/255 SP16/410 SP20/500 SP28/510
    Pressing power (kN) 100 160 200 280
    Diameter of screw (mm) 50 60 60 78
    Spindle pitch per rotation (mm) 16 32 32 54
    Number of guide columns 2 2 4 2
    Max. width between columns (mm) dxe 255 410 510 500x200
    Max. height between working table and ram (mm) f 285 270 350 380
    Stroke of ram (mm) 200 210 250 260
    Clamping area for the ram, width/depth (mm) 255x120 380x120 470x230 470x260
    Ram bore similar as DIN 810 (mm) 25 32 32 40
    Table area, Width/depth (mm) 255x280 410x280 500x420 510x400
    T-slot in the table according to DIN 650 (width of slot) (mm) 18 18 22 22
    Diameter of through hole (mm) 90 90 150 150
    Diameter of protective ring and grip ring (mm) c 1200 1200 1200 1550
    Height of table top edge above floor (ca. mm) a 770 770 700 700
    Min. working area (ca. mm) b 1850 1900 2000 2200
    Net weight (ca. kg) 310 335 865 910
    * Further models on request;
    * Packing size and weight for seaworthy packaging upon request.
  • Special accessories:

    •  Cover for through hole in the table top

    •  Spring pressure device for insertion into the table top

    •  Forced expulsion in the press ram

    •  Mounting plate for protecting the table top

    •  Dirt wiper for protection of the guide columns

    The following changes can be performed on all models:

    •  enlarged or reduced height

    •  enlarged or reduced stroke of the ram

    •  differing ram bore for the clamping pivot

    •  change the diameter of the through hole

    •  enlarged working area

    •  T-slots in the working area